Hello Readers

I just had to write. I am sorry for the ordeal that you might have to go through.

(shameless request: please rate my posts and post your comments)

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2 thoughts on “Hello Readers

  1. Congratulations first of all, you’ve finally taken the first step to what you wanted to do since long!! 🙂

    About your blog, an extremely apt yet interesting description of you (love the first line!!). This is all one needs to read if they want to know Harsh in a nutshell…….Must say a good job done (you see I’ve never been able to condense my thoughts to be able to write a decent ‘about me’ yet so I know it is tough!!).

    Hope to read many more of your posts in the coming times……All the Best!!

    1. Thanks Shalini! I think if I’d have not picked up the pen to write, I would have never sum up myself too. I guess it only takes to pick up the pen and just let it flow.

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