My Wonderland !!!

The Gate at the White House With one step on this gate and a small push from the other, I would swing into another world. Wind blew through my hair and brushed my face with gentle strokes as I would swing to and fro. As I closed my eyes I would suddenly realize an extraordinarily amplified sense of perception. I would immediately start painting a visual canvas in my mind with the brushes of my imagination. On every swing of the gate I could hear a voice in the rustling of leaves and see moving lips on tree trunks. Chirping of birds and the glimmer of sun through the leaves would all suddenly start making sense. The shimmering and glistening leaves as I go around swinging would all have their own stories to tell and I listened patiently … amused and day dreamed. This gate as it stands today was a passport to my own little wonderland where I was alone without the frightening school bullies and scaring wardens.

My own little wonderland near the white house.


3 thoughts on “My Wonderland !!!

  1. I think it is because they are not materialistic, not a single memory that I have of my childhood makes me sad. Even the beating that I got from my seniors does not make a bitter memory if not an ecstatically happy one. They all fill me up with a sense of being carefree which I am unable to experience now.

    1. coz the world was soooo big yet everything we ever wanted was always in reach. we always managed to locate our frnz even widout cell phones. nothing was heartbreaking, everything had a new flavour to it. fcuk it all man!! everything was just plain ol’ good n happy.

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