Walking through a lost lane

La Martinière School - Main Building
Image by Saad.Akhtar via Flickr

Shashank and I went out on 15th August for a casual drive through the city when we spotted the majestic “Constantia” from a distant road. I was completely overwhelmed with my childhood memories and I asked Shashank if he would like to take a tour through the school. He happilly nodded. It was drizzling and the weather was perfect. I turned in from the Golf Course and drove through the school property to park under the IIIrd dormitory (the dorm where students from 3rd to 6th standard were lodged) Barely able to cover our heads from the rain by arching our hands, we splashed through the puddles of water and jumped into the corridor…. As I walked through the dingy corridor with falling plaster all around, I was filled with a sense of belonging, a sense of non-separability. Flashes of running joyfully through these corridors, playing tug-of-war with each other’s towels in the washes and taking the cane on our bums brought me to a standstill. I gazed up at the building thinking only if I could be that young boy again I would happily give up all that I have today. What if I could turn back the hands of clock and live the most delicious memories of my life again?

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3 thoughts on “Walking through a lost lane

  1. the pic n ur post actually remind me of a debate held here that i partcipated in “should euthanasia be abolished” n i screwd it up pretty well by misinterpreting euthanasia(mercy killing) for mercilessly killing…lol……..ah gr88 lamartineer….n gr888 guys he he he

  2. You reminded me of my school..its d same feeling I experience when I enter St. Paul’s….I would give up everything I have today to be there again as a student…and “live” my life..

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