Should Gay Marriages be Legalized

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‘Gay marriages’ have long been a subject of political, social and religious debate. The proposition to legalize gay marriage has many proponents as well as opponents. Many social scientists have tried to support their views with empirical research and statistical analysis. However, the results and findings obtained from these social experiments are criticized for not being free from prejudice as different social scientists have published widely diverse results. In this short article I do not refer to any collected data, results of community-based experiments or even the opinion of different cultures to present my thoughts. I am only trying to look at this concept of a legitimate gay society and evaluate it from the viewpoint of a common man.

I believe in science as much as I trust in God, hence I strongly agree with Einstein’s famous quote “God does not play dice”. From all that I have read in different scientific journals and learned from TV shows about a person’s sexual orientation I have never been able to identify the exact reason why a guy would be sexually attracted to a guy or a girl to a girl. Somehow I am not convinced of the reasons given, like the sexual orientation is coded in the genes or that it is a mental disorder. Despite the elusiveness of the code that determines the homosexual nature in humans, I have long pondered over the after-effects of its social acceptance.

The effects of legalizing gay marriages, that I can think of are:
1. Reduced Reproduction
2. Raising up adopted children or children from previous straight relationships
3. Building a society free of sexual discrimination
4. Strenuous relationships
5. Nature’s take on this transition

Healthy reproduction is the most basic need for survival of any race and legalized gay marriage is not helping it. Nature has a definite order to maintain a balance and I cannot imagine what could be further away from the order of nature than to enter into sexual relationships that are futile at helping the species evolve and grow. The concept of single parent is very prevalent in the Western countries and many have been able to provide a normal upbringing to their children. However, the presence of another parent is almost always missed by such a child. If the care of one parent can provide a normal childhood then the love and care from the parent of an opposite sex should only benefit the individual more. Furthermore, different sexes have their own way with children; while a father is more apt at disciplining the child, the mother’s love helps the child grow emotionally. Despite the odds, I am not convinced of letting the couples of the same sex to raise children.

Legalizing marriages for homosexuals will definitely start a new era in recognizing the fundamental rights of choice and action. People will be greatly satisfied and would freely choose their partners and this would lead to a healthier society as well as economy due to equal benefits given to straight and gay couples alike. However, in hindsight this seems too idealistic as it has been found with evidence that many gays turned straight again (ex-gay clubs of California) and straight people turned gay. Is it because people get bored of their sexual orientation too? We have heard of people ending relationships (marriages) due to irreconcilable differences but a change in sexual orientation points to a serious flaw in our understanding of the sexual nature of humans. Legalizing gay marriages thus can lead to strenuous relationships which in turn can lead to increased number of psychological patients. Many homosexuals have also been identified to exhibit traits of bisexuals, which strikes out the idea of they being more faithful to their partners than straight couples.

I am not against homosexuals’ right to choose their way of life but I am not up for the damages to the society posed by legalizing homosexual marriages. I feel that our government should recognize that a person’s right to freedom should not infringe upon a nation’s right to a healthy society. The government should allocate more resources into researching the psyche of humans and finding out the cause for this divergence of sexual orientation.

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5 thoughts on “Should Gay Marriages be Legalized

  1. Harsh,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments on gay marriage. The media, especially here in the West, have imposed such strict boundaries and assumptions with respect to this whole question that there is little room for intelligent debate left. The new conformism has it that everyone against gay marriage is a homophobe; everyone for it respects human rights.

    I love your blog. Your ideas are thoughtfully expressed and the presentation is tasteful. We need more honest, thought-provoking content like yours on the Net (a feeling you’ve no doubt gathered from my own comments posted on my — albeit, commercial — web site. It takes time and…oh, so much devotion. But it pays off handsomely in so many ways. Keep the faith and keep up the good work. I’ll be visiting your site again.

    1. Tony,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is very encouraging to learn that you enjoyed reading here.

      I hope to keep writing objectively and produce more thoughtful content.

  2. i think this is complete justification on ,whether to leagalize gay marriage or not…… .this is very real and contian all logical point in it … and i hope a**hole like celina jately should also go trough it….

    1. Of that I am not sure, but it certainly calls for more research.

      There are numerous gays that achieved exceptional success in their career so there is strong evidence that homosexuality does not hinder normal living.

      On the other hand, I feel that our vision is obfuscated by all the material success attained by the gays and in general we tend to think that homosexuality has nothing to do with the human psyche. On top of it as Tony points out in his comment above, the media is mostly biased on this issue and anyone calling for a sane discussion on it is usually termed ‘homophobic’.

      My only wish is that of an unbiased investigation with definitive results before we rush homosexuality in the category of psychological disorders.

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