9043 Unread Items and Random Thoughts

I got a whooping 9043 unread items in my RSS Feed Aggregator. Makes me wonder if I really read as voraciously as I claim to.

Update from previous post: Insane surfing is under check but I gotta confess ol’ habits die hard. I still spend most of my day ranting in the blogosphere and reading my favorite blogs.

Okay, I just re-read that … sounds like it’s still a long way from being under check. Alright I give up. I am such a nerd and a helpless one at that too. I am giving myself in for a treatment but before that I got to free the FeedDemon, my RSS reader. … Later blog!


2 thoughts on “9043 Unread Items and Random Thoughts

    1. No idea.. but I am going offline tonight. I will not come online starting tomorrow for another three weeks or so, maybe a month. I really have to complete reading some books for now.
      I heard the date-sheet for examinations is out, guess you should bury your head in books for some time too.
      See you in three weeks.

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