Do we really care?

People please realize … you cannot save tigers by supporting the cause on Facebook… I am not against these “voice your opinion” and “support the cause” promotions but the world just doesn’t work this way. Someone’s got to go out in the woods and track down the hunters or plant more trees. For every forwarded email, or sharing links on FB post, only if we were planting a seed we would see a greener earth, a healthier and cooler environment and safeguarding the interests of the wild animals. An idea is nothing if implemented – To show we really care, we must act. If you want to save the tigers, plan an espionage into the woods on your own money to catch the poachers. Or clear the Indian Forest Services Exam and volunteer for an assignment into the jungles.

Navneet Sikera, an engineer from IIT Roorkee cleared the IAS Examination but opted for a position in the Indian Police Services. Why? Simple… he didn’t like that the criminals always had their way while the innocent citizens feared the police. Because no one else was doing anything about it, he took the onus on himself to clear the street of the crime. And he has done a fine job… just google him and see for yourself how much he has accomplished.

We are educated, knowledgeable, have access to technology and above all we care. To prove our commitment we have to give up our habit of preaching and do those things that ought to have been done a long time ago. We had 65000 tigers when we got our independence, a figure that has gone down to 1400, and I don’t see anything substantial coming out of a Cause invitation on the Facebook, unless someone rolls up his sleeves and enters the jungle.

So this is my contention – if you see a problem and you really want to do something about it don’t feel content that you did your bit by forwarding an email or joining a cause invitation.Take a leap, do something about it.

P.S – Please don’t send me any cause invitations.. To put it politely I am repulsed every time I look at them.


8 thoughts on “Do we really care?

  1. My sentiments exactly! I’m also buggered to death by these silly cause invitations. They have no effect on ground reality. If you wanna save tigers; you’ll have to put your time, sweat and above all money. You will have to put your life on the line.

    In my belief, such antics only trivialize the issue in question furthermore.

    1. Eggjactly… I am beginning to realize that people just love raising questions and opining in public. Debates and discussions are good for awareness but the conversion from awareness to action is zilch, nada!

      We need hands that work and not mouths that talk.
      (I am a mouth that talks a load.. aren’t I?)

  2. Seriously “Join a cause” repulses me. Click a button and you have fulfilled a responsibility.

    We either procrastinate or seek an easy way out.

    And 1400 is the official figure, I believe it’s much lower.

    1. Yeah… I mean the animal is our national asset.
      I so wish the poachers catch the ‘TIGER FLU’, if there is any of the sort.

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