I like to stay mused and like to stay foolish. I am awed of what internet can do for (and sometimes ‘to’) us . I am daunted by counting the infinite possibilities that internet poses for us. Yes, I am a web aficionado and tend to think profoundly over any subject that inspires me, amuses me or abhors me. I like to explore new business opportunities, try new technologies and find out what affects us at work, at home and in our daily lives. This blog is to let out the unrestrained flow of thoughts which I am unable to express otherwise. Incidentally, I am way better at stringing my thoughts together and express them when I write. I hope that you will find something useful here. If you do please post your comments but even if you don’t please post a comment to let me know.

Hope you enjoy your visit to my blog.


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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey,
    This seems to be a great forum to express your dreams and thoughts. I am a strong adherent of the fact that blog is a great way to bring the innumerable strings of thoughts that are within our artistic mind.
    Hope to find some dear stuff here.
    Great job!

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