Do we really care?

Navneet Sikera, an engineer from IIT Roorkee cleared the IAS Examination but opted for a position in the Indian Police Services. Why? Simple… he didn’t like that the criminals always had their way while the innocent citizens feared the police. Because no one else was doing anything about it, he took the onus on himself to clear the street of the crime. And he has done a fine job… just google him and see for yourself how much he has accomplished.

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How’s it going Harsh? Have you abandoned your blog?

I could be nobody and still live through the years without regrets, but I could never live without doing something. To me, life is no more than a flicker of a match-stroke. Though a lighted match can light up a room, the flame gradually abates and dies out eventually leaving the room dark as before. Our lives are nothing but the evanescence of a lighted match and we fantastically overlook this ephemerality of our existence because we are too busy trying to be somebody.

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My Last Insane Surfing Session

My facebook friends would recall my status update for that day, that went like “Suffering from I.S.S”. I called it “Insane Surfing Syndrome” but I strongly feel it’s got more to do with A.D.D (attention deficit order). This blog post started in the midst of one of those Insane Surfing sessions. As I write this post it occurs to me that:

1. Reading an actual book over a blog post, a wikipedia page or a YouTube video is much more rewarding for my time spent in learning.
2. Internet serves best as a tool for research but poor for structured learning.

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