Do we really care?


People please realize … you cannot save tigers by supporting the cause on Facebook… I am not against these “voice your opinion” and “support the cause” promotions but the world just doesn’t work this way. Someone’s got to go out in the woods and track down the hunters or plant more trees. For every forwarded email, or sharing links on FB post, only if we were planting a seed we would see a greener earth, a healthier and cooler environment and safeguarding the interests of the wild animals. An idea is nothing if implemented – To show we really care, we must act. If you want to save the tigers, plan an espionage into the woods on your own money to catch the poachers. Or clear the Indian Forest Services Exam and volunteer for an assignment into the jungles.

Navneet Sikera, an engineer from IIT Roorkee cleared the IAS Examination but opted for a position in the Indian Police Services. Why? Simple… he didn’t like that the criminals always had their way while the innocent citizens feared the police. Because no one else was doing anything about it, he took the onus on himself to clear the street of the crime. And he has done a fine job… just google him and see for yourself how much he has accomplished.

We are educated, knowledgeable, have access to technology and above all we care. To prove our commitment we have to give up our habit of preaching and do those things that ought to have been done a long time ago. We had 65000 tigers when we got our independence, a figure that has gone down to 1400, and I don’t see anything substantial coming out of a Cause invitation on the Facebook, unless someone rolls up his sleeves and enters the jungle.

So this is my contention – if you see a problem and you really want to do something about it don’t feel content that you did your bit by forwarding an email or joining a cause invitation.Take a leap, do something about it.

P.S – Please don’t send me any cause invitations.. To put it politely I am repulsed every time I look at them.

How’s it going Harsh? Have you abandoned your blog?



Yeah sorta¬† … but that’s not entirely true. I mean I change the blog theme every couple of weeks.

I know, I know … it’s not enough and I ought to write and stuff when I proclaim so unabashedly my commitment to the blog. Still though it is tough, it is tough to write consistently. I took up a lot of stuff to do in the last six months simultaneously. And that is only because I can’t be held back by one project. I get bored if I work in a loop and that too, very quickly. Consequently, my productivity goes down and the project suffers perennially. On the other hand, it is amazing that I still feel enthralled to find new things to learn. I think LEARNING might be the one thing that I would be consistently good at, all through my life. Studying different subjects and discovering their real world application just fills me up. I feel so proud after solving a problem I go to the extent of rewarding myself by feasting on my mum’s pudding (kheer).

The option to switch between different projects keeps me pepped up. This blog is one of those many ventures, but it is more – it is personal. Though my blog has suffered neglect from me, it has remained – like a friend I know I can call in the oddest of hour. And, this is a particularly odd hour.

Having spent hours on learning stuff and not being able to apply it to solve the problem leaves me extremely critical of myself and my methods. This is one of those hours. And I write this post deeply reflective of what I want to be OR should I say what I want to do. Yes, I think that is the right question to ask… what do I want to do with my life?

I could be nobody and still live through the years without regrets, but I could never live without doing something. To me, life is no more than a flicker of a match-stroke. Though a lighted match can light up a room, the flame gradually abates and dies out eventually leaving the room dark as before. Our lives are nothing but the evanescence of a lighted match and we fantastically overlook this ephemerality of our existence because we are too busy trying to be somebody.

A match has no utility, no meaning if it burns to the end. However, if it were to light a torch its existence would be infinitely useful to a world engulfed in darkness as other torches are lit from the original. I want my life to be the match that lighted a torch, started a movement, solved a problem, created a solution. That would give meaning to my life. And so I go on learning one thing from another in the hope that I will be able to fix something some day and that the flame of invention & innovation is kept alive.

9043 Unread Items and Random Thoughts


I got a whooping 9043 unread items in my RSS Feed Aggregator. Makes me wonder if I really read as voraciously as I claim to.

Update from previous post: Insane surfing is under check but I gotta confess ol’ habits die hard. I still spend most of my day ranting in the blogosphere and reading my favorite blogs.

Okay, I just re-read that … sounds like it’s still a long way from being under check. Alright I give up. I am such a nerd and a helpless one at that too. I am giving myself in for a treatment but before that I got to free the FeedDemon, my RSS reader. … Later blog!

My Last Insane Surfing Session


Past few days have been wretched to me. I can’t seem to get my head around to doing things that I want to do the most. I always end up too tired or surf the internet like crazy till my eyes pop out of their sockets and scream they can’t take it anymore. Let me say this that I don’t use too much of Facebook, Twitter or Orkut but read insightful blogs, bookmark (on Diigo) and try to learn something in my fields of interest/ study. As fruitful as it sounds, after a session of internet surfing I don’t feel all that enlightened. To the contrary I hate the feeling. Reason: After every surfing session I find myself at the same point I started from. Let me tell you what happened a few days back.

I was browsing the internet to find pointers/ guides to gain a deeper understanding of Economics and related commercial disciplines when I stumbled upon an excellent resource at the Wikiversity and started reading. However, out of curiosity to explore the other disciplines I clicked on the links in the sidebar and got lost for the next three hours. I can recall reading some chapters on Automobile enginneering, a chapter on Web designing before I started searching for PHP based forum applications. I don’t even want to draw the map now ’cause I remember none of what I read and it was only a few days back. When I was done, I realized that I did not finish my reading on the chapters in Economics that I so wanted to study. And then I felt a stinging spasm in my chest, I went “Aaaaaargggh” and”Umphhhh” in my mind racking all the nerves (it was past 2:00 in the morning, couldn’t utter a sound) and wanting to tear my hair. I felt horrible and it’s not the first time the feeling occurred to me. It occurred multiple times in a week and no matter how much I try controlling myself from wandering away I find myself astray before long.

My facebook friends would recall my status update for that day, that went like “Suffering from I.S.S”. I called it “Insane Surfing Syndrome” but I strongly feel it’s got more to do with A.D.D (attention deficit order). This blog post started in the midst of one of those Insane Surfing sessions. As I write this post it occurs to me that:

  1. Reading an actual book over a blog post, a wikipedia page or a YouTube video is much more rewarding for my time spent in learning.
  2. Internet serves best as a tool for research but poor for structured learning.

I do this all the time – I start on something and then I get lost. It’s like building a lead and not closing the sale. I end up sulky, dissatisfied and sometimes quit. I so want to finish things that I start. I know I am creative and a stickler for doing things perfectly but tonight I feel like I want to cross the finish line. The famous quote, “success is not the destination, it’s a journey” does not ring true anymore. What good is a journey if you do not reach anywhere? I’d rather complete my journey than travel forever. My only wish is to be able to do that in time.

This is the last night of Insane Surfing. When I wake up tomorrow, I have got a few laps to run and I swear to God I will complete each one of ’em.