Muslim Extremists Protesting and Maligning Hindus

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After reading this (there is a video at the bottom of Dr. Rafick’s article, make sure you watch it before reading what I have written below)

It aches my heart to find out how irrational and derogatory a few Muslims can be to Hindus. A contemptuous act degrading the whole Muslim community of Malaysia is how I see it. The Hindus have been mocked far too long by such extremists and must come together to uphold what we believe in. There is no right to anyone to insult our religion. Idiots of the highest order, that’s what they are if you ask me; constantly motivated with their hatred for idol worshipers and ignorant of what Islam as a religion stands for.

Butchering the head of cow to protest? Hindus worship her as their mother and they did it knowingly? Moreover, they dragged the pious head and stomped over it. Is this out of personal loathe against the Hindus or out of a need (to put it politely, though I see there is no reason) for an isolated land for a Mosque. This deliberate attempt to hurt a religion is despicable and I strongly resent it. What wrong did that mute animal do to them anyways? Cow is the most peaceful animal, feeds us and our children with the healthiest of all foods. It is a shameful, disgusting act unworthy of forgiveness. I am abhorred at the mere thought of it.. and to witness the event I would have rather severed their empty heads than letting them kill someone so sacred to us. These extremists must be brought to justice.

In the last 5000 years of history of humans there has not been a single record of Hindus invading another nation. On the contrary Hindus have patiently lived through several invasions – the Greeks, the Mughals and the British. We never set foot in another country to preach our religion. We never tried converting people from different faiths to ours. We have always welcomed people with different beliefs but if this benevolence is seen as a weakkness of the Hindus, it is high time to break that notion. Why is it that everyone can make fun of our Gods and what we believe in? Hindus as students of literature, have come to appreciate the legendary Greek myths, praised the Roman Gods and respected as well as welcomed their beliefs/ thoughts. Indians (where a majority of the population is Hindu) have written doctoral thesis on foreign literature and religion but blindfolded their own eyes to the jewels of the religion they were born in. We learnt to respect every religion but forgot that it is only because no religious scripture in our literature contempts believers of other faiths. We ought to stand up and fight for the right to practice our religion too. It is a shame for us that despite inheriting the most pristine and as prestigious religion as Hinduism we do not care enough for it.

I hold the author of the referenced blog post much dearer to my heart than many other silent Hindus. At least, Dr. Rafick has expressed his opinion without bias and has requested (and maybe helping too) the local government to take the sternest action possible against this indignant act.

Many thanks!

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