I wish Microsoft could innovate more!

I strongly feel that as users of technology our primary focus is always on getting things done (GTD) rather than being stoked over all the cool features of an application. Can’t Microsoft sense this? The dynamics of this industry have changed. I mean it’s everywhere – take twitter. There could not be a simpler communication tool. And the reason it became so big – it just works. If I have something to say (tweet) to anyone who cares to listen (followers), I have got to use twitter. And now there is probably a hundred companies built around twitter. When did Microsoft last make such a radical product? I have a lot of respect for the company that Mr. Gates has built over last two decades, but as the giant grew, it separated itself from the common masses. And the only approach that I think, can make Microsoft a favorite among us again is listening to what people WANT to use and then building it the way they CAN use it.

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Should Gay Marriages be Legalized

Image via Wikipedia ‘Gay marriages’ have long been a subject of political, social and religious debate. The proposition to legalize gay marriage has many proponents as well as opponents. Many social scientists have tried to support their views with empirical research and statistical analysis. However, the results and findings obtained from these social experiments are […]

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So… what’s your objective?

There is no objective to this blog. If there could be it would only be to give words to my thoughts. Consequently there are no categories for this blog. I realize the whole point of me taken to blogging is to collect public opinion on my otherwise solitary thoughts. It is like a mind map, […]

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