Common Sense In Marketing

The idea for this post struck me when I saw the CNBC logo flashing and rotating with a narration in the background “CNBC is my religion“. Now, this logo flashing skid is the worst part of the whole marketing clip. The clip starts by flashing people who are successful and in their different ways are […]

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My Wonderland !!!

With one step on this gate and a small push from the other, I would swing into another world. Wind blew through my hair and brushed my face with gentle strokes as I would swing to and fro. As I closed my eyes I would suddenly realize an extraordinarily amplified sense of perception. I would […]

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Walking through a lost lane

Image by Saad.Akhtar via Flickr Shashank and I went out on 15th August for a casual drive through the city when we spotted the majestic “Constantia” from a distant road. I was completely overwhelmed with my childhood memories and I asked Shashank if he would like to take a tour through the school. He happilly […]

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So… what’s your objective?

There is no objective to this blog. If there could be it would only be to give words to my thoughts. Consequently there are no categories for this blog. I realize the whole point of me taken to blogging is to collect public opinion on my otherwise solitary thoughts. It is like a mind map, […]

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Hello Readers

I just had to write. I am sorry for the ordeal that you might have to go through. (shameless request: please rate my posts and post your comments)

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